Did your Boyko (or even Lemko) ancestors sign in 1926 to commemorate USA’s 150th anniversary?

In 1926 the schoolchildren of Poland signed books to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the United States of America. These books are now held at the Library of Congress. Many schools participated, and signature of many kids in the westernmost Boyko region of Poland including the villages of Hoczew, Berezka, Żernica Niżna were captured. We have already indexed Hoczew, and will index the other villages soon.

The children listed here have a Ukrainian (Rusyn, Ruthenian), Polish or Jewish background.


You can view the original scans here: Page 1, Page 2

Trustee: Antoni Bubas
Principal: Edward Rossiwal
Inspector: Jan Domiszewski

Section I

  • Julia Luczejko
  • Julia Popowicz
  • Antonina Kuchta
  • Marja Wozna (Maria Wozny)
  • Marja Haluszczyk
  • Paulina Lopuszanska
  • Antoni Ros
  • Michal Terpko
  • Michal Benewiat
  • Wladyslaw Hryckowian
  • Kazio Szponerowicz
  • Michal Werbowicz

Section II

  • Jozefa Benewiat
  • Marja Werbwicz
  • Anna Luczejko
  • Wiktorja Waclowik
  • Jozef Lipka
  • Mikolaj Hunka
  • Michal Ros
  • Jan Orynicz
  • Aniela Giefert
  • Wiktorja Klim
  • Katarzyna Szatkowska (Szatkowski)
  • Chaja Gleicher
  • Karasia Weiss
  • Katarzyna Luczejko
  • Aniela Szewczyk
  • Pawlina Wozna (Wozny)
  • Katarzyna Herbetko
  • Michal Szewczyk
  • Wasko Byc
  • Antoni Gnap
  • Julja Benewiat

Section III

  • Marja Mikolajczak
  • Julja Hubisz
  • Anna Werbowicz
  • Aniela Buryk
  • Marja Luczejko
  • Anna Lucajko
  • Marynka Gleicher
  • Stanislaw Mikolajczak

Section IV

  • Liba Weiss
  • Wiktorja Klim
  • Anna Capar
  • Aniela Lenio
  • Katarzyna Luczejko
  • Marja Wozna
  • Julja Haluszka
  • Michal Opar
  • Antoni Popowicz
  • Michal Folowiat
  • Katarzyna Hubisz
  • Julja Herbetko
  • Rozalia Werbowicz
  • Julja Herbetko
  • Julja Znaczko
  • Antoni Capar
  • Stefan Szewczyk
  • Michal Hryckowian
  • Michal Benewiat

Berezka and Żernica Niżna to be transcribed.

Want to see other Boyko or even Lemko villages? How about the rest of Poland? See this informative blog post from Lara Diamond (Lara’s Genealogy) for more information on how to access the scans. Her post inspired this one.