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Greek Catholic Metrical Records available at USC Solina

The following Greek Catholic metrical records are available at USC Solina (Urząd Stanu Cywilnego – Civil Registries Office):

  • Bóbrka: Births 1886-1946, deaths 1893-1947
  • Berezka: Births, marriages and deaths  from 1926 to 1938
  • Bereźnica Niżna: Births, marriages and deaths from 1926 to 1938
  • Bereżnica Wyżna: Births from 1907 to 1945 and marriages from 1874 to 1928
  • Wola Matiaszowa: Births, marriages and deaths from 1926 to 1938 and deaths from 1891 to 1946

You can contact USC Solina in Polish at Please be as specific as possible in terms of names, surnames, dates and places when making your request. As with most USC’s in Poland, you will be required to provide proof of relationship and sometimes a payment when making a request.

Greek Catholic Baligrod Deaney and member parishes before World War 2

The following parishes fell under the jurisdiction of the Baligród Deanery, Przemysl Diocese, before World War 2.


Overlaying Austro-Hungarian Cadastral Maps in Google Maps

Back in December of 2014, the Przemysl branch of the State Archives of Poland released many digitized records and published them to their website. Some of the items released were 1850’s era Galician cadastral maps which along with their indexes and other related documents are a great resource for Genealogists as they show the owners of houses and plots of land in Galician villages, towns and cities.

Using Google Maps

When viewed on their own on the Przemysl state archive website, the cadastral maps can be a bit confusing to understand, as they are split up into multiple pages. If you’re not map savvy it can be a difficult experience in trying to put these maps together. The quickest and most simplest way is to print out each individual image of the maps, cut them to size, and stitch them using scotch tape. We’ll be doing the exact same thing – digitally, and once the maps are stitched up into one solid image, we will overlay them using Google Maps, so that objects of interest on the maps, such as buildings, rivers and roads can be easily referenced. The State Archives of Austria has done something similar with much of their old map holdings. As an example, you can view the First Military Survey of Galicia (1779-1783).

A Test Example – Bachlowa, present day Bachlawa

We have taken a sample image from the 1854 cadastral map of Bachlowa, present day Bachlawa, Poland, and overlaid it in Google Maps using MapTiler software. You can view the functioning example, by clicking on the image below:

Bachlowa 1854 Cadastral Map

The above example is just a first draft test of a single image, and doesn’t take into account the other four images that compose the map. Once we have all the village images stitched up, we will be adding them one at a time to our site.

The Project Villages

The following initial set of villages will be part of our project:

Hoczew Area

Other Villages

Welcome to “On the Edge of Boykivschyna”

Welcome to “On the Edge of Boykivschyna”. I have been always interested in the places where both sets of my grandparents came from, the Bieszczady region of south-east Poland. This website will try to explore a small number of villages in Lesko, Baligrod and Solina counties, as well as some villages in the immediate area. This area was the westernmost settlement region of the Boyko people, the majority of which now identify as being a part of the Ukrainian ethos.

I am also interested in Genealogy. In particular the following surnames, in the following villages:


  • Kusz
  • Rylik
  • Rylow

Bachlawa (Bachlowa)

  • Capar
  • Ros
  • Klim / Klym


  • Byc
  • Czemerys
  • Luczejko
  • Orynicz / Orynycz


  • Orynicz / Orynycz

Wola Matiaszowa

  • Bilanicz
  • Popowicz

If you have any information on the above, please contact me!