Berezka (Березка)

Berezka (Ukrainian: Березка, Berezka, Bereska)

1854 Cadastral Map

The 1854 Austro-Hungarian Cadastral Map of Berezka can be viewed online at the Przemysl archives. There is also an accompanying list of Berezka landowner records for the years of 1852-1853 and 1872-1873.  The archives also contains the sketches of fields in Berezka for the year 1852.

Berezka 1947 Akcja Wisla (Operation Vistula) Data

  • Families deported: 73
  • Total number of people deported: 403
  • Resettled to: Powiat Slawno & Slupsk, Wojew. Szczecin

Source: Gmina Hoczew

Genealogy Resources

USC Solina

The following Bereska Greek Catholic metrical records are available at USC Solina (Urząd Stanu Cywilnego – Civil Registries Office):

  • Births, marriages and deaths  from 1926 to 1938

State Archives of Przemysl

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