Dziurdziów (Дзюрдзів)

Dziurdziów (Ukrainian: Дзюрдзів, Dziurdziv)


The name of the village, Dziurdziow comes from the Vlach language.  It most likely stems from the landlord of the village at one time who’s name was Giurgiu. On December 19, 1480, the Bal family from Hoczew divided ownership of the villages in the area among the sons of Jan Bal. The older children, Matiasz and Piotr received the following villages: Dziurdziów, Hoczew, Terpiczów (later Bachlawa), Middle Terpiczow (Średnią Wieś), Berezka, Bereźnica Wyżną and Żernica Nizna and Wyzna, as well as the associated village forests.

Most of the Ukrainian population was deported in 1946 to the USSR and in 1947 to the Polish reclaimed territories.

Population History

  • 1921 – 445 inhabitants living in 78 Houses  (375 Greek Catholics, 63 Roman Catholics, 7 Jews)

1852 Cadastral Map

The 1852 Austro-Hungarian Cadastral Map for Dziurdziow can be viewed online at the Przemysl archives.

Dziurdziów 1947 Akcja Wisla (Operation Vistula) Data

  • Families deported: 50
  • Total number of people deported: 295
  • Resettled to: Partially to Powiat Duzy Nosin, Wojew Slupsk

Source: Gmina Hoczew