Nowosiółki (Новосілки)

Nowosiółki (Ukrainian: Новосілки, Novosilky)

Nowosiolki is a small village on the banks of the Hoczewka river, a tributary of the San river. It is sometimes refered to “Nowosiolki Bal” in historical records, of which the Bal part comes from the village owners.


The first mention of Nowosiolki was in the 16th century. It was a property of the Bal family from Hoczew, and was founded intially as a suburb of Zahoczewie. From 1659, the village was stopped being refered to as a suburb.

In the late 18th century, the village changed owners, and the new owner was Jacek Fredro, the father of Aleksander Fredro a famous Polish poet and playwright. Later the village owner was Seweryn Fredro (1781-1845) who was a brother to Aleksander, his wife Konstancja Domicella Konarska and their daughter who married village leader Ludwik Skrzyński.

During the latter stages of World War 2, the village saw sporadic fighting between units of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), and the Polish Communist Army along with members of the Soviet NKVD. In the spring of 1946, a portion of the Ukrainian population was forcibly c resettled to the USSR. In 1947, the remaining Ukrainian population was forcibly relocated during “Akcja Wisla” (Operation Vistula). Just before these deportations, the village had over 600 residents.

Population History

  • 1785 – 258 inhabitants (230 Greek Catholics, 13 Roman Catholics, 15 Jews)
  • 1886 – 401 inhabitants (324 Greek Catholics, 71 Roman Catholics, 6 Jews)
  • 1921 – 576 inhabitants in 101 houses (437 Greek Catholics, 103 Roman Catholics, 35 Jews, 1 Evangelical)

Parish Information

In 1912, a small Greek Catholic chapel, St. Peter and Paul was built in the village. From 1947 until 1975 it was under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic church. After 1975, a new Roman Catholic church was built in the village. The chapel remains in the village to this day, but needs some repair.

  • 1840 – 232 Greek Catholics
  • 1859 – 292 Greek Catholics
  • 1879 – 275 Greek Catholics
  • 1899 – 350 Greek Catholics
  • 1926 – 434 Greek Catholics
  • 1936 – 532 Greek Catholics

1854 Cadastral Map

The 1854 Austro-Hungarian Cadastral Map for Nowosiolki is availble online at the Przemysl Archives.

1863-1907 Surnames

The following surnames were present in Nowosiolki between 1863-1907. The source for this is the Hoczew / Bachlawa Greek Catholic Births book: 1863-1907.

  • Orynicz / Orynicz
  • Wozny
  • Ziatyk
  • Znaczko

WW1 Austro-Hungarian Casualty List

  • Orynicz Johann, Reslnft., k. k. LIR. Nr. 18, 2. ErsKomp., Galizien, Lisko, Nowosiolki, 1883, kriegsgef.

Nowosiółki 1947 Akcja Wisla (Operation Vistula) Data

  • Families deported: 62
  • Total number of people deported: 347
  • Resettled to: Partially to Gmina & Powiat Czluchow, Wojew. Szczecin

Source: Gmina Hoczew, 1947

Genealogical Resources

Various metrical records are available at the State Archives of Rzeszow – Sanok Branch (Archiwum Państwowe w Rzeszowie Oddział w Sanoku)