Żerdenka (Жерденка)

Żerdenka (Ukrainian: Жерденка, Zherdenka)


Zerdenka is currently a very small village surrounded by forests, with an approximate population of 50 people. The village lies in the administrative district of Gmina Baligrod, within Lesko County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship. It’s about 3 kilometres east of Zachoczewie. Before WW2, the village had a majority Greek-Catholic population.

Historical Background

Zerdenka was founded before 1552 by the Bal family from Hoczew.

According to the Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (Tom XIV – 1895), the village had a population of 123, of which 111 were Greek Catholics, 8 Roman Catholics, and 4 Jews. The Greek Catholic population attended the church in Zereznica Wyzna, while the Roman Catholic population were subject to the church in Hoczew. A small Greek Catholic chapel (Protection of the Mother of God) was built in 1906. The 1895 survey noted 19 houses which were centered around a creek.

In 1921, the village had 180 people, 167 Greek Catholics, and 13 Roman Catholics in 31 houses. In 1947 all of the population was relocated during Akcja Wisla and the chapel was destroyed.

Village Today

The ruins of the chapel are visible near the old cemetery, which contains a few headstones.

1863-1907 Surnames

The following surnames were present in Zerdenka between 1863-1907. One of the sources is the source for this is the Bachlawa Greek Catholic Births: 1863-1907 book.

  • Szczuryk