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Welcome to “On the Edge of Boykivschyna”

Welcome to “On the Edge of Boykivschyna”. I have been always interested in the places where both sets of my grandparents came from, the Bieszczady region of south-east Poland. This website will try to explore a small number of villages in Lesko, Baligrod and Solina counties, as well as some villages in the immediate area. This area was the westernmost settlement region of the Boyko people, the majority of which now identify as being a part of the Ukrainian ethos.

I am also interested in Genealogy. In particular the following surnames, in the following villages:


  • Kusz
  • Rylik
  • Rylow

Bachlawa (Bachlowa)

  • Capar
  • Ros
  • Klim / Klym


  • Byc
  • Czemerys
  • Luczejko
  • Orynicz / Orynycz


  • Orynicz / Orynycz

Wola Matiaszowa

  • Bilanicz
  • Popowicz

If you have any information on the above, please contact me!